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Base-Hinged Column – Medium Duty

Our hydraulic base-hinged columns are intended for medium duty use when floodlighting sports grounds.

Fabricated to all relevant British Standards, these high quality raise and lower floodlighting columns are available in various heights up to 24 metres. Comprising of a series of 3-metre 12-sided galvanised mild steel sections for ease of transportation and installation, each column base has a slide in steel gear tray to house the floodlight control gear – and can be wired prior to installing on site.

Powered by a portable diesel, petrol or electric power pack, this well-manufactured and durable folding column can be raised or lowered in less than four minutes by a single operative – meaning maintenance is simple, cost-effective and safe.

Detailed Specification

  • Mild steel used complies with BS EN 10025:S275
  • Available in columns up to 24 metres high, galvanised to meet BS EN ISO 1461
  • Made of folded and welded shells in 12-sided tapered sections, 3 metres long
  • Taper-slip jointed on site without bolting or welding
  • Slide out steel gear tray, pedestal tray and gland plate released/retained by single bolt
  • Self-contained mobile hydraulic raise and lower unit driven by petrol, diesel or electric power pack
  • All columns anchored by four holding-down bolts, using flange slots for ease of alignment

Product Benefits

The right choice for a wide range of medium duty area lighting applications, the Foldscan base-hinged column with portable hydraulic raise and lower unit offers ease of installation and on-going maintenance. With an operation time up or down of just four minutes, re-lamping and floodlight maintenance can be safely handled by one person.

Further Details & Data Sheet

For more information on this Foldscan product, please download our PDF datasheet below. To discuss this item with our engineering team, phone us on 01376 320100 or email