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Base-Hinged Column – Manual

Designed for light use at sports grounds, our Octalite base-hinged columns are extremely easy to install and maintain.

Available in various heights up to 16 metres, each column is constructed from three metre octagonal tapered sections that can be erected on site using friction joints and minimal need for plant equipment. Once installed, each column can be lowered and raised by one person using a portable lifting frame – that comes complete with a simple mechanical hand winch.

Manufactured to withstand windspeeds of up to 46 metres per second, the Octalite range is capable of housing various different floodlighting arrays, and each structure is anchored using a primary base plate and four self-colouring bolts for straight forward installation.

Full Specification

  • Light duty straight base, light duty, medium duty & heavy duty options
  • Available in height variants up to 16 metres
  • Folded and welded half-shells making eight-sided tapered 3-metre or 3.5-metre sleeved sections
  • Expanded base taper with access aperture permits housing of electrical equipment on gear tray provided
  • Steel galvanised to meet BS EN ISO 1461
  • Hinge arrangement is permanently incorporated in primary baseplate
  • Portable and independent raise/lower frame incorporates a permanent hand winch and steel wire rope rigging system
  • Primary baseplate secured by four M30 self-colour holding down bolts cast in situ using a template

Main Product Benefits

The Octalite range is all about ease of use and cost-effective maintenance. These structures are simple to transport to your site, easy to install and will give you years of excellent performance – with maintenance simply carried out by just one person with the portable raise/lower frame.

Details & Data Sheet

Get more information on the Octalite base-hinged product range by downloading the PDF datasheet below. Alternatively, speak to a member of our engineering team on 01376 320100 or email