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Base-Hinged Column – Heavy Duty

The perfect heavy-duty floodlighting solution for sports and leisure arenas – the strong and flexible Lumescan range are base-hinged for ultimate ease of maintenance.

Designed to meet windspeeds of up to 46 M/S, and constructed of durable hot-dipped galvanised steel, these structures come with a hydraulic raise and lower unit that can be safely operated by just one person. These units are portable and powered by petrol, diesel or electricity.

With multiple lamp cluster variations and height ranges up to 40 metres, our Lumescan folding columns are manufactured from 5.9-metre 18-sided folded and welded shells – with base apertures for electrical housing and access. When it comes to foundations, Lumescan base-hinged columns are retained using self-colour holding-down bolts.

Full Product Specification

  • Folded and welded half-shells making 18-sided tapered sections (for ease of transportation and installation)
  • Manufactured from mild steel to BS EN 10025:S275
  • Available as column structures up to 40 metres in height
  • Hot dip galvanised throughout to meet BS EN 1461 after fabrication
  • Split-style pedestal incorporates ventilation for control gear, with open base-flange and in-situ hinge
  • Gear mounting facility provided on up to three rail-mounted sliding end-to-end steel trays separately retained in position
  • Additional tray in pedestal provides space and mounting for cable entry and glanding, with column erect access also available through aperture
  • Multiple floodlighting arrays possible
  • Portable hydraulic raise and lower unit driven by diesel, petrol or electric power pack

Product Benefits

The hard wearing, heavy-duty option for sports arenas, these flexible columns offer powerful floodlighting in a range of cluster options. Lumescan also delivers ease of installation and use, plus cost-effective maintenance that can be carried out by a single operator. Top this all off with very high quality design and manufacturing standards, and you can see why the Lumescan base-hinged range is so trusted.

Further Details & Data Sheet

For more information on base-hinged Lumescan floodlighting columns, please download our PDF datasheet by clicking the icon below. To discuss this item with a member of our engineering team, phone now on 01376 320100 or email